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Dating diabetic man

Prior to that I was giving myself insulin injections, which averaged about four injections a day.Although people often used to stare when I injected myself, it never really bothered me – you just get used to it and stop noticing after a while." – Amy Black "Type 1 even influences the way that I dress, because my outfits either need to have pockets to hold my insulin pump.

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Although it is more common than type 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes is less well understood.Other problems associated with the build up of sugar in the blood include: Anyone can get type 2 diabetes.However, those at highest risk for the disease are those who are obese or overweight, people with family members who have type 2 diabetes and people who have metabolic syndrome (a cluster of problems that include high cholesterol, high triglycerides, low good 'HDL' cholesterol and a high bad 'LDL' cholesterol, and high blood pressure).This means if I ever wake up convulsing due to extremely low blood sugars, I can be rest assured that an ambulance is on its way with the press of a button around my neck."I also keep a lot of glucose gels on me wherever I go in case I ever experience a hypo [hypoglycaemic attack] when I'm out and about, the symptoms of which are confusion, shakiness, hot flushes, numbness, and headaches."For the last year I have been using an insulin pump to medicate myself, which has offered more freedom and flexibility in terms of what I can eat and when.It is likely caused by multiple factors and not a single problem.

Type 2 diabetes can run in families, but the exact nature of how it's inherited or the identity of a single genetic factor is not known.

If your health care provider suspects type 2 diabetes, he or she will first check for abnormalities in your blood (high blood sugar levels).

In addition, he or she may look for sugar or ketone bodies in your urine.

I then count my carbs for my meal and inject the correct amount of insulin, along with checking my blood sugars.

"I repeat this process for all other meals and snacks throughout the day.

Or they need to have a strong waistband to attach/ hold my pump, so slinky dresses can often be out of the question.