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It is likely - pessimists say certain - that Vladimir Putin would seize on a serious blow-up on Pacific rim to try his luck in Europe.In the eyes of Washington, Ottawa, Canberra, and those capitals around the world that broadly view Pax Americana as a plus, this is not the time for Britain to lob a stick of dynamite into Europe's rickety edifice.

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For British eurosceptics, Jean Monnet looms large in the federalist pantheon, the emminence grise of supranational villainy.This was too clever by half, as we can see today from debt-deflation traps and mass unemployment across southern Europe. What they show is that the American 'deep state' was in up to its neck.We can argue over whether Boris Johnson crossed a line last week by dredging up President Barack Obama's "part-Kenyan ancestry", but the cardinal error was to suppose that Mr Obama's trade threat had anything to do with the ordeals of his grandfather in a Mau Mau prison camp. As it happens, Mr Obama might understandably feel rancour after the abuses that have come to light lately from the Mau Mau repression."Both Britain and the West would be in much better shape if Britain was not in the EU," he said.This is interesting but it is a minority view in US policy circles.rexiteers should have been prepared for the shattering intervention of the US. It was Washington that drove European integration in the late 1940s, and funded it covertly under the Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations.

hile irritated at times, the US has relied on the EU ever since as the anchor to American regional interests alongside NATO. The eurosceptic camp has been strangely blind to this, somehow supposing that powerful forces across the Atlantic are egging on British secession, and will hail them as liberators.

Brexiteers take comfort that Republican hopeful Ted Cruz wants a post-Brexit Britain to jump to the "front of the line for a free trade deal”, but he is merely making campaign hay.

Mr Cruz will conform to Washington's Palmerstonian imperatives - whatever they may be at that moment - if he ever enters the White House.

Nor are many aware of declassified documents from the State Department archives showing that US intelligence funded the European movement secretly for decades, and worked aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into the project.

As this newspaper first reported when the treasure became available, one memorandum dated July 26, 1950, reveals a campaign to promote a full-fledged European parliament.

It was a shameful breakdown of colonial police discipline, to the disgust of veteran officials who served in other parts of Africa.