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Dating buzz words

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But, like 98 per cent of the female population I’m certainly less perfect, and I’d hope, a bit more interesting.Maybe I’m just bitter, because I’m crap at yoga, scared of surfing and haven’t listened to a Radiohead song since 2004.

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And who cares if you then have to spend the next three years pretending to be really into hiking/ abseiling/ Claire Danes’ cry face – at least you’ve managed to bag yourself a man with a dog. The Big Short, the film adaptation of Michael Lewis' book of the same name about the causes of the financial crisis, opens in UK cinemas this weekend.WIRED recently looked into data from Ok Cupid and to help determine what attributes make people more attractive to online daters.Every aspect of the most popular users’ profiles were analyzed, from profile photos to mentioned interests.According to the data, 88% of the “hottest” users make direct eye contact with the camera.You’ll want to give a big smile too – 54% of the highest rated users are flashing a toothy grin.The image we’re sold of the perfect women, and one I’m sure men subconsciously emulate when asked to describe their ideal girlfriend is of someone who ticks all the right boxes without introducing an ounce of controversy to the proceedings. She has a cool job, but likes curling on the sofa with a box set (which is her boyfriend’s favourite boxset, luckily – no romcoms for her! How on earth else do you think Radiohead got into the mix?

), she’s whimsical but driven, down-to-earth but not too homely, and crucially, she’s never too controversial – her tastes, character and hobbies never stray too far in any one direction. She’s won’t embarrass you, and she certainly won’t challenge you, she’s the perfect girlfriend! Now I’m not saying that I’m so subversive and quirky and cool that I can’t possibly relate to this character, in all her blandness (I am a bit).

For women, the words and phrases most associated with popular profiles include: London, NYC, yoga, surfing, athlete, fitness, fashion, .

Researchers also looked into the 400 highest-rated dating profiles to mine insight as to what makes for the best profile photo.

So, how you can improve your own chances to find a mate, according to the data?

Most of the top terms suggest that being active in sports, especially outdoor sports like skiing and surfing, will improve your odds.

How will the story stack up against the greatest films about business?