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Read more...​Stephany Alexander is one of the world’s most well-known relationship, infidelity and dating experts; she’s the founder of Woman, a free date screening service and woman-to-woman social networking portal.

Spoiler Alert, Catherine has found the one and is now married, but keeps on blogging.If you’re feeling alone after a break up then turn to Loves a Game and you’ll be ready to get back into the dating game in no time.Read more...​Blog with benefits has a little something for everyone, as the creator says I write about it all, “dating, love, break ups, creeps, whatever's on my mind.” From dating tips in the modern world, sympathetic stories about her own dating experiences, and inspirational love stories your love life will benefit from reading this blog.Not only can you find articles about “dating, online dating, and relationships (with a geek bent),” but they even offer dating profile writing and coaching services.With this blog you’ll be taking that RPG romance into the real world in no time.Documenting her real life experiences Richter offers a humorous account of her real life dating experiences.

Plus Richter did find the one and is now married, so learning from her mistakes could lead you to your soul mate too Read more....

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (of laughter) and you’ll pick up some good lessons about which online sites work best and why.

With articles like "11 Reasons it's Way Better To Be Single During The Holidays" and "6 Reasons Why Having a Boy Toy Rocks My World".

Looking to find love but don't know where to start?

Well, this list of top dating blogs to follow in 2016 will help set you on the right path.

After her husband of 20 years left her just before she turned 48, the dating goddess got back into the game and now chronicles her dating adventures with this blog, offering fresh and practical ideas, thoughtful insights and playful humor. With practical, thoughtful advice on relationships in the modern world, boys and girls alike will learn something from reading this informative relationship blog.