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Dating a mooch

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You were beyond flattered and intoxicated by his passion and intensity.

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You keep making more money (he keeps borrowing it).Now all of sudden, he's feeling less like the love of your life and more like a financial leech. They type of guy who never seems able to get 'it' together.And now he's living in your house, living off your money, and you're feeling stuck and angry.Don't Let Your Boyfriend Treat You Like An ATM.Is this your relationship—your boyfriend treats you like the Bank of London, always borrowing money and never fully paying it back?He told me, his family and friends that he was searching for a job, but I think that he was bullshiting all of us. He even made comments while we were dating that suggested he thought I was a rich woman.

I never, ever in the last 7 months heard him say anything specific like: "There is a position with a company I saw online that I want to apply for." "I went to visit a company I would really like to work for and gave them my resume." "Some company that I wanted to work for called me for an interview." "There was a job fair downtown today that I went to." No evidence whatsoever that he was conducting an active job search. No mention of positions he applied for, or companies he visited. He was on unemployment, but I think he would rather collect unemployment than seek work. It was like he only wanted me because he thought I made a lot of money.

Try to make him understand that he can work and also pursue his music at the same time .

Once the music takes off and income is steady then you can mooch off of him . A mooch no I don't think he is just a lad who is down on his luck and I guess he expects you to understand.

Now, you're starting to question what you really want in a man and in a long-term relationship.

You know you don't want to be an 'informal banker'; someone who loans money with no interest.

I was absolutely not going to get myself in a situation where I would have to start paying for his rent, clothes, car, food, entertainment, hobbies, etc. I am actually struggling just to keep my head above water like many others, so I really don't need to take care of someone else that won't contribute.