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Dating a minor in pa

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You are most likely a senior this year; will this man be your prom date? Will he be bringing you along to social functions with people his age?

Has this man said to you that you are very mature for your age, made you feel like he is the only one who understands you or said that your relationship is very special and that other people just wouldn’t be able to understand it?I don’t want to end our friendship because of this. However any minor’s a parent can forbid the adult from having contact with their child.Without parental approval the relationship would be unlawful.Now the 16 year olds mother does not mind the relationship but the father does.The father does not live in the house and is divorced from the 16 year olds mother.Another way to look at this is how you would feel if your dad or your uncle were dating one of your friends or a girl in your class.

This probably seems really weird because now you are looking at it from the outside and hopefully it will give you a better perspective how inappropriate a relationship like this is.

Notice that all of the penalties would be directed at him and not you.

You would be considered the victim in all these situations.

I know the law and I know this is probably frowned upon.

But I just don’t know how to deal with my feelings for him. Generally there are no specific laws saying who you can date and who you can’t date.

Teen Health FX realizes that this answer may seem harsh from your perspective but it is only because we are concerned about you safety and well being.