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Dara park and g dragon dating 2016

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KIKO DOES THE ‘GD AEGYO’ POSE Of course, the coincidence was noticed by their fans.

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The K-VIP are very non talkative about the new girlfriend.Read More: G-DRAGON AND KIKO MIZUHARA SPLITThese speculations leads to so many fanbases for the two, some fans even call themselves as delusional when it comes to Dara and G-Dragon as they associate the little details between these two K-pop stars, according to Inquisitr.But when the name of Mizuhara entered the picture, some fans thought that their ship was sinking until recently G-Dragon was reportedly broken up with her then spotted sporting same hair color with Dara.From then on, many speculations emerged that the two has been secretly dating all these years.Some fans even claimed that when you interpret some of G-Dragon songs, especially “Hello” and “Butterfly,” it seems like he was secretly giving messages or hints that Dara is his girl.Some K-VIP confession they been secretive dating private and quiet. Seungri was so heartbroken that he went to Japan to find a house for himself. So, G-Dragon hurt Seungri of lying about the cheating.

We know Seungri was staying at Taeyang house at the moment. Another insider said G-Dragon & Seungri was force to stop dating each other. G-Dragon was really depressed about being force to break up with Seungri.

- She said that she deters workplace romance putting a stop on the speculations- She also revealed that her agency just laughed on the dating rumors Sandara Park finally put all stops on the dating rumors between her and BIGBANG member G-Dragon.

READ ALSO: Sandara Park, G-Dragon spotted kissing in a video after BIGBANG’s concert According to All Kpop, Sandara Park guested in talk show JTBC’s “As You Say” where she addressed the dating rumors with G-Dragon.

G-Dragon of Bigbang and Sandara Park a.k.a Dara of 2NE1 are both making headlines nowadays.

They both shared a photo sporting the similar dark shade of purple hair color.

However, most of the posts that bear similarities are in their fashion.