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Daddy dom chat

' one wrote.'When Mike is asked about Jess he says nothing happened, but looks down every time! ' an other added.'When is Jess and mike going to admit they did it... The hunky footballer discussed his scheming thoughts regarding the busty blonde, as he also had his sights set firmly on Tyla and Georgia.

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Normally that’s just posing pretty for the camera, but when I get her over, I ram my rod down her throat and up her tiny asshole before blasting her face with goo!This is my director’s cut with extra footage not in the original release. Kelly_Skips_School_And_Gets_Sodomized_By_MH_In_The_Backseat.mp4 In Las Vegas I meet a really gullible escort named Kamy and get her up my room.She doesn’t want to film any hardcore stuff, but I just steamroll her into this nasty scene when I stoke her kitty, and then ream out her tight asspipe!It was nothing.'Viewers remained unconvinced by his denial, saying that it was getting 'embarrassing'. One fan wrote on Twitter after the chat: 'Mike basically said to Marcel that Jess wants to be with him but she's pursuing this relationship advertising campaign with Dom.'Another added in shock: 'Naaaaah swear Mike basically just admitted about him and Jess to Marcel! He then admitted if he wanted to steal her from Dom he could've but he didn't want2.'Mike and Jess defo banged he's making it sooo obvious! You don't owe me nothing.'And to be fair Dom was never my mate. All the dramas,' a third wrote, while a fourth penned: 'Mike told Marcel he slept with Jess and Dom still doesn't believe it,now he's the mug Elsewhere in the show, Mike was seen plotting 'sweet revenge' on Olivia Attwood.Inevitably the Cypriot had his concerns, telling the camera: 'Olivia says she's single but think I'll be a mug to believe it. Revenge is sweet.' Didn't happen: Mike also enjoyed a brief chat with the boys in the bedroom, where he admitted since being given the boot the first time around, everyone were nosy in wanting to know if he slept with Jessica Shears - a claim he denied again'I need to be smart with who I go for.

I went for Liv last time and I shot myself in the foot,' he later informed Jamie.

Sartorially in sync with his girlfriend, Dom rocked a black and white theme in a white T-shirt with a leather jacket and distressed jeans.

Hand in hand the pair put on an united front on the outing, following claims from Love Island viewers that Mike Thalassitis 'basically admitted' that he did sleep with Jess outside the villa.

She played me before so she is not getting grafted on by me, fact.

I'm not a mug'However, after another chat with Olivia, the self-professed 'player' explained again why he needed to exact revenge.'One part of me is saying 'drop her out, leave it, be straight up with her' and the other side is saying, 'she mugged you off, mug her off back.'It's not in my character to do that, but I feel like she might deserve it a little bit,' he confessed.

He no doubt ruffled feathers on the episode, where he was seen chatting to both objects of his affection- admitting Georgia had acted 'warmly' towards him, but telling Tyla that he 'loves a party girl, like her'.