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Cross dating dresser

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“He’s got very sharp features and is slender in the face, and he doesn’t have much facial hair, so he pulled it off.” And what about makeup?

He is marred to Abby, the father of Liz, and constantly complaining about life, especially all the crime he reads about in the newspapers.“If I wanted to use your lipstick I would be like ‘hey, can I borrow your lipstick’? “Many men, even those married with kids, do it,” she says. “It never affected our relationship.” Tim would justify his hobby, saying it didn’t affect anyone negatively. To her credit, she kept her husband’s secret, even after he went on to cheat and leave her. “I was breaking up with someone who I completely accepted.” Incredibly, Tim was less accepting.“It was all about accepting Tim as a person, just like if his hobby was basketball.” I’m still not convinced, but she truly feels this way. “I suffered from anxiety,” my friend continues, “and he used that against me.” She embraced Tim for everything that he was (and wore) and his deception left her shattered.A man that sometimes wears dresses and heels, indulging in what he calls his ‘little hobby’. I’m intrigued to know how someone begins dating a man with such a hobby. “I got to know him better when he was dating a friend, and one night he just said ‘I’ve got to tell you something’.” Just like that? Despite Tim’s assurances, my friend was understandably suspicious that he might be bisexual or gay.“He just randomly just dropped it in,” she assures me. “A little part of me still thinks it might be a sexual thing,” she says. At the time I had the vested interest of being with him.” Without any prompting my friend then answers the niggling question at the back of mind. “sex with him was a bit boring.” So he never got intimate while dressed as a woman? The times that he did don the dress were pretty ordinary.“It wasn’t that I was committed to a man, it was that I was committed to a person, I really loved him,” she says. A Melbourne-based opinion and entertainment writer, Mel plunders her daily encounters, cultural surroundings and the fascinating lives of others for drama an intrigue.

Thankfully she is now officially divorced and has glorious, admirable perspective. She writes for online entertainment publication The Blurb and has had over 30 reviews printed in The Canberra Times, Geelong Advertiser and Ballarat Courier.

MO ROCCA: I don't mean to send us on a digression, but since you brought up "I Love Lucy," you do have the single best Vivian Vance story ever. SAGAL: If you would like to tell your Vivian Vance story, who am I to stand in your way? Years later, my father's in a nursing home with Alzheimer's disease - he's not at the Thanksgiving table where family has gathered. But it actually started as a spoof in a 2002 Weekly World News. I seem to recall a TV movie which featured J Edgar Hoover reclining on a chaise lounge in a dress.

(LAUGHTER) SAGAL: Vivian Vance played Ethel on "I Love Lucy." GUNN: Yes. And he was - well, he was an agent but he ended up being J. And all these rumors are out about Hoover being a cross-dresser. GUNN: So I was reflecting upon that time in his office with Vivian Vance. I think it was Blood Feud, starring Robert Blake as Jimmy Hoffa.

In Oliver Stones Tv series The Untold History of the United States he says that after Hoovers death a box of B&W photos were recovered.

They were photos of the two men in lingerie reclining together.

“He did try to fit into a lot of my stuff,” my friend recalls. “I do remember getting shitty at him, saying ‘just ask, it’s polite! “No”, she tells me, echoing her then husbands words “because they don’t need to know…