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Credit score dating

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At my age, however, dating someone with debt would make no sense at all. ” “I see many seniors, male and female both, looking for nurse or purse, to pair up with someone that can afford them, take care of them physically and/or financially,” De Ann wrote. If I did not already have my partner, whose only debt is a mortgage and one credit card, I would not take up with a man in debt for other than [if he had] a mortgage. Anyone with 40 years of work under his or her belt should have something to show for it.

So when is a good time to reveal your credit score while dating? Want to make yourself more attractive to a potential mate? Turns out that having a great credit history is sexy to some people.And an online dating site is betting that hooking people up — in part based on their credit scores –will score lots of users.Excessive indebtedness can damage your life almost as much as any substance addiction.” Henry in Montgomery County, Md., a widower and a retired Federal employee, wrote: “I have agreed to marry a wonderful woman who has a lot of debt.We are not yet officially engaged, but we have agreed to marry in the near future (likely next year).We have been dating for three years and are pretty serious.

In one year, she will graduate with approximately $150,000 in debt.

I postponed actually marrying until I could work with her creditors to settle her liabilities because I did not creditors to try to attach our marital property or take my assets into account when we tried to settle. One needs to learn and understand why the other person incurred such debt, how that person now handles his/her finances, and if or how you can work together to reduce and hopefully eliminate such debt and not incur more such debt in the future.

In my case, after very careful review and analysis I concluded all the indicators were very positive.” Linda Marler of Colfax, Wash., wrote: As a retiree in my late 60’s, I am viewing this as a happily married woman. I use credit cards but don’t generally get over $2,000.

Thirty-seven percent of the survey participants said people should share credit score information after dating a few months, and the same percentage said swap scores after getting engaged.

Keep your personal finance details to yourself until you’re serious.

I have no debt thanks to the GI Bill and currently work as an engineer.