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But that doesn't mean there isn't a lot going on under the surface.So the challenge is to find that and not to feel that we had to push in a certain way.

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How has directing episodes of , I made a very conscious decision to use it as a film school. How difficult has it been to adapt Winton's work?Because maybe otherwise there is a slight cultural cringe with our own content.The other side of it is sometimes we try to make films that fit into the American mold, which I don't understand because Americans make those films better.“I got into the elevator at my hotel a few hours ago and the bellboy looked up.When he saw it was me he turned bright red,” says Baker, “then he broke out laughing. All this time trying to figure out and organizing the financing has been a real eye opener and not the most pleasurable experience for me.What films have you been looking at for inspiration?

I have been looking a lot of films that use the environment as a character.

Surprising and thrilling offerings are effortlessly woven into the fabric of the Long Beach experience to create unforgettable moments and magical memories along our sublime sunrise coast.

Intrepid travellers are drawn to Long Beach Mauritius for its unconventional beauty, prime location and the wealth of land- and water-based activities on offer.

After helming several episodes of , the actor, 45, thought it was time to make the leap to feature films.

“I enjoy being the control freak, having that influence,” he tells THR.

Tim Winton manages to combine that traditional, rugged Australian view of things with a more deep and sensitive side. I spent some time with him and we really identified on a certain level.