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Payment Gateway Support – Recurring Payments supports our most popular payment gateways, including: Free Trials – Subscription products can include free trial periods.

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Renewal Revenue Reports – Track your recurring revenue through beautiful and easy to read earnings graphs.The characters between the start-tag and end-tag, if any, are the element's content, and may contain markup, including other elements, which are called child elements.An example is , where the name of the attribute is "number" and its value is "3".Flexible Recurring Payments – Easily set up recurring payments on any product.You can easily adjust the recurring periods, the number of times they recur, and how much they cost.The specification places requirements on what an XML processor must do and not do, but the application is outside its scope.

The processor (as the specification calls it) is often referred to colloquially as an XML parser.

Customer Dashboard – Your customers can have a complete dashboard for viewing and managing their subscriptions Software Licensing Integration – Recurring Payments is fully integrated with the Software Licensing extension to provide automatic license renewals anytime a subscription payment is processed.

Full integration documentation for Recurring Payments and Software Licensing here.

Products with variable pricing can have recurring and non-recurring price options.

Multiple Subscriptions – Customers can have any number of subscriptions on their account. Customer Emails – Deliver automated emails to customers when their subscription is nearing renewal, a renewal has been processed, a subscription has been cancelled, a renewal payment fails, and more.

The essence of why extensible markup languages are necessary is explained at Markup language (for example, see Markup language § XML) and at Standard Generalized Markup Language.