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"Here's what a few people have said." The envelope is tossed, picked up, examined, and stuffed into a pocket. Briskly, he set off towards the Records and Information wing, for debriefing and transcription of the interview.WHAT A FEW PEOPLE HAVE SAID Name: Object of Note - Black Portal Irregularity Cross-reference: destructive, transport?

MEMORANDUM TO SITE DIRECTOR STONE We currently believe that the research object has been written about in the scripture for various religious groups dealing with paranormal activity.When touched, causes objects and persons to be pulled into it, and disappear. Current Status: Currently noted, with light guards. History of UIU Action: Discovered in 1976, by a US geological survey.Purpose/Motive: Possibly a trap, naturally occurring anomaly, or a misunderstood aspect of nature. Due to remoteness of location, chances of being discovered are slim. Turned over to the UIU shortly thereafter, and secured since then.These security procedures are to be kept secret from the SCP Foundation.Hereafter we of Delta Command document the Steps of the Plan as transcribed by the Engineer of the Chaos Insurgency. STEP [55/6] Security parameters, such as entrenching in the surrounding countryside, have been enacted.They refer to it unanimously in terminology that describe it as "empty" and at other times like a portal to their underworlds, or similar theological concepts.

Descriptions generally refer to it as all black, and hostile.

Anomalous countermeasures have been placed in the uninhabited areas surrounding Site-12, which, due to its remote location, is not accessed or widely known by persons outside the Foundation and Insurgency.

Further measures to be taken as the situation around Site-12 changes. STEP [24/88] The Foundation appears to be losing control of some of their frontier sites, due to the remoteness of their location and the containment difficulties suffered by that organization over the years.

De CIRO Catalogue Number: SC-55/2024 Document Type: Step Compilation Dates Received: through Operation Status: Open Foreword: This object is to never come into the hands of the Insurgency.

All steps to secure Site-12, the Foundation location of the object, are critical to maintain.

Researcher Boyd closed the hatch behind him, and turned to face the containment vault's occupant.