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Marie's husband knew that his sexy wife had a big cocked lover by how stretched out her pussyhole was, but he always played along, knowing she would be home later and he would get some of her hot wet pussy too, so he didn't mind.What Ross didn't know was that Pamela had called in sick to work to go visit him.

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After a long, hard fuck, Jonah leaves them both breathless before covering her in his cum – and we can’t wait to see him show us more!If she keeps up the hard work, she is sure to win big one day!The West Virginia redhead who will forever reverberate through history as Blaze Starr is the most scandalous stripper in the history of bug-eyed men.No, it was that from the angle at which she was peeking in behind the door, she could make out his big balls, the biggest she had ever seen!Also, what appeared to be an enormous cock, pistoning in and out of the woman's wet pussy hole!As she passed his bedroom, she heard a moaning sound coming out of there, a sound that she had heard before, but she couldn't quite place where.

She tilted her head to the side and then remembered, it sounded like some of the women she has heard moaning when they are being fucked hard, in the adults movies she had watched on her computer, as she masturbated in her dorm room.

She found the work incredibly boring and started looking on Craigslist for more exciting work.

That was when her life changed and she found an ad for adult modeling work.

(1 min) Blaze proves she's no ROOKie when it comes to nudity!

She and a guy play naked outdoor chess, and of course her tits and tush are on full display.

Ally has been working prolifically ever since then, and has starred in nearly 100 titles so far.