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"The great thing with Audio Adrenaline is that there's a common ground beyond just the music, and I think that's what we try to get people to know at our live show.We are a band that has a definite mission statement and a band that is trying to reach the least of these.

He knows that vocally, he sounds nothing like his predecessor, founder Mark Stuart. He shared a story of the time he tried out to be the lead singer of the band Foreigner. This is my voice."Max said it is incident's like this that make taking over for a different singer so hard because people have expectations.One of my biggest roles in the band beyond the singer is to be the creative guy.Be the voice of people out there who kind of feel like a misfit, or that they don't really fit into a group, or don't quite understand Christianity in the shapes and forms it is out there. Time will tell, we only have one album under our feet," he said.Max is now the front man of a "band" in the sense of the group being well known, not just players on a stage."It's a great feeling.I've fronted other bands in the past on side projects and in between.I feel like there's a difference and a line that is kind of drawn where you can be open about your spirituality and beliefs but when you say this is what you need in your life and bring the evangelistic part to it, that changes it from being general market to Christian in my opinion," max said."Is Audio A a Christian band?

I think it is, because we are asking people to make a commitment.

As far as music as evangelism, Max feels the message needs to be real and straight forward, and coming from an approach that humans are imperfect and need a Savior."I think it's a great way to evangelize if it's done correctly, and when I say that I mean I think that when songs are open and real and can show that Christianity is about people and human beings that are willing to say, that they are not perfect and they need a Savior in order to survive everyday.

I think that's a great place to say what you believe.

With Kevin Max at the helm of Audio Adrenaline, he is taking the band's music into the future by helping to continue their message of love, hope, and just plain old having fun in the Lord spread to listeners who have desperately needed their fix since they disbanded in 2007.

Max chats with the Christian Post to discuss his view of Christian music, music as art, temptations, and evangelism.

Even when I was solo in LA I had a band of guys behind me.