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Chicago swingers

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We hold a variety of monthly and bi-monthly swinger parties, socials and Meet and Greets in a fun, relaxed and safe environment with the option to stay and play afterwards.Meetups of different sizes and themes are held at various Chicago Area locations for couples and single females.

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We went out to a rural county park to chill and were naked in the creek.Fortunately, they have lots of property, so the neighbors are a ways off. Same thing at University with our engineering teacher. Not interested in doing anything similar again though.Also, their home is surrounded by land that they rent to local farmers to grow crops- those corn stalks do excellent double-duty as a privacy fence! Boarding school in the 1970s out there on a Welsh mountain hillside in a lake with our housemaster out on an outward bound weekend. It makes your balls shrivel in the cold and you really do feel too vulnerable to life in general till you get all your clothes back on. Wife and I got busted in Key West skinny dipping and then fucking in the resort pool. Wife grabbed the key and the towel and sprinted back to the hotel room, while I stood there nakedly trying to put my swim trunks back on, hemming and hawing to the hotel security.It was always a great way to end what had usually been a hot day.We paid for all the chemicals and upkeep, so Mom didn't really give a damn what we did.I then informed her that we just do the same thing. Nothing is better than a pool on 5 acres and no neighbors with a good line of sight.

Our skinny dipping activities aren't as awesome as some of the ones mentioned above but it was fun for us.

to pursue the pleasures of the senses without pressure or obligation.

Something you did long ago as a kid but have outgrown, or something you do every chance you get? Usually just us, but there have been a few times with swinging friends too.

" The girls thought that over for about .02 seconds & decided to strip and join us.

We spent another pleasant hour flirting with the young nubiles.

It is an adult playground to provoke your imagination and arouse your passion.