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As much as we love colonization and gluttony (ya know, all the things that make us ' Muricans), we dread Thanksgiving dinner and sometimes wish there was a drinking game to get us through it. Love her or hate her, Mia Khalifa is here to stay and frankly speaking, we think it's pretty damn impressive.

If there's one thing we all know about Cleveland Cavaliers superstar Le Bron James, it's that he's pretty much perfect when it comes to maintaining his image. Jennifer Lopez has been dubbed one of the sexiest women in the world on numerous occasions and anyone who follows Jennifer Lopez's Instagram should have no trouble seeing why. While we don't necessarily recommend getting back with an ex, we'd be foolish to believe that it doesn't happen. With such a huge emphasis being placed on health and fitness nowadays (thank you, Instagram) it's easy to get wrapped up in the latest fads.Behind attractive and hot Slavic women pictures you will also find interesting ladies who dream to find happiness together with a caring, responsible man, to create a strong family with him, to become beloved wife and caring mother.Are you dreaming of finding your soul mate among single Ukrainian and Russian ladies but you are at loss how to start? The image of the Slavic woman is very many-sided and it has been composing during centuries.Photos of Slavic women represent not only their attractive appearance.But, unfortunately, in our days, girls should be much more stronger and resolute than men, forget about the old traditions and manage their private life. If you are ready to make a first step, nobody will blame you, more over, your new friends will do their best to help. Just imagine, you will not have to go out, but will be able to find new friends, meet a nice girl who will become your girlfriend or a male who will become your only one.

Single women in video chat can communicate in different ways: "tete-a-tete" conversation or conferences with your friends from all over the world.

We don't have to really spell it out for y'all, do we?

It should be pretty obvious by now that when the term sexy look and Bella Thorne's Instagram are mentioned in the same sentence, that it could...

After making our daily pilgrimage to Sofia Vergara's Instagram we decided it was about time to bust out her hottest moments for you guys. Before we jump in to Ric's blatant alcoholism, let's reflect on another outlandish Flair claim made earlier this year.

Surely you remember when he dropped the whole sleeping with 10,000 women bomb,...

The majority of men hearing about these may exclaim: Oh! Looking at Slavic women pics, you feel there is something incredible beyond.