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Chat with dominant woman

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I cannot imagine a life without him and part of me feels that I need to let him go. A: Presumably, six years ago your husband's co-worker could have written me exactly the same letter, except her confessional would have included the fact that she and her married co-worker also had a beautiful physical union.

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However, we returned recently from BF's brother's wedding across the country and they paid the bill for everything—airline, hotel, meals, etc. Is there anything I can do to "repay" them—even if I can't afford to write them a check?Apparently she does this at other people's homes sometimes too.There's nothing wrong with her shower, and she's not someone who's obsessed over cleanliness.How do you suggest I go about telling him, hey, I want you to be more demanding/bossy/alpha/dominant in bed?A: It is somewhat ironic that you're in the position of saying, "OK, next on the agenda, I order you to stop taking orders from me when we're in bed, and start acting more caveman.Homewrecker: I divorced my husband because he was unfaithful, and had been cheating on me for months with a co-worker.

I have not dated since the divorce almost six years ago.

I want him to take the lead, be more commanding, and me to be more submissive.

He goes along, does what I want, and half the time I have to guide him, goad him, and tell him to tell me what he wants or just simply do it.

A few years ago I met a man at work who is now my best friend.

We are kindred spirits, can talk for hours, and have a great time.

I'm finding it difficult to have a discussion with him about what turns my crank per se.