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Both my older brothers flunked out of college, so maybe boys in my family just aren't ready for college at 18.When my husband and I try to talk to him about this, our son says we are making it all about the money or we’re too critical.

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His next mistake was telling all the boys and allowing them to participate in a snicker fest.Now he appears to be making an implicit bargain: Put up with his smarmy innuendo and you get to keep your job. You may feel you brought this upon yourself, but you didn’t.If a woman dresses in what could be described as a sexually alluring way, it does not give her male colleagues license to create a hostile work environment.I shouted at him to get out but it was several painful seconds before he did.I expected to be fired and was prepared to beg him not to let me go, but instead I had to endure a lecture about the merits of controlling oneself and finding the proper time and place to handle "such things." He then offered the use of a special room in the building where I could "take care of business" if ever I felt "the urge" again. Since this incident the other guards I work with in rotation have all been giving me knowing smiles and making thinly veiled comments letting me know they know.You now know that no matter how horny you are, you should wait to relieve such urges in the comfort of your own home (although a similar situation made for a much-discussed scene on a recent episode of ).

What you did demonstrates poor judgment and was a mistake.

Then, if after a little more time the lewd comments don’t end, forward the email to Human Resources and ask for an appointment.

You can simply tell them that Charles walked in on you in the bathroom, and since then you have been the object of endless crude remarks.

Charles has become very flirtatious and thinks he now has license to speak to me in an inappropriate manner.

I understand that I brought this upon myself, but I have children to support. How can I remain employed and re-establish the professional relationship I once had with Charles and my fellow guards?

The toilet seat was uncomfortable, so I decided to sit on the tank.