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Such social support, whether given by human or bot, has a huge impact on people.

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Concerned users can get a personalized answer immediately rather than wait for a doctor’s appointment or ignore the reportedly working on chatbots to offer faster response times and around-the-clock support.“U-Report is not just about getting questions answered, but getting answers back out,” explains Chris Fabian, Co-Lead of UNICEF’s Innovation Unit.“We get responses in real-time to use the data for policy change.” With over 2.6 million U-Reporters worldwide and deep expertise building technology for developing economies, the U-Report team is uniquely positioned to tackle challenging social issues like violence against children, HIV/AIDs policy, climate change, and war and conflict.“In the UK, there is this really broken system where the government pays a lawyer to file an application back to the government for a homeless person to receive support.The government wastes so much money with the application process when they should just spent that money on houses.” Browder’s vision for Do Not Pay extends far beyond simply fighting off parking tickets and filing for homelessness.She travels alone and straps huge plastic jugs to her back so she can bring gallons of water home to her family.

You learn about her dreams of going to school and see a map of her journey.

Besides raising awareness, charities can also use bots and messaging platforms to raise critical funds.

Charity: Water recently worked with Assist to enable donors to donate funds directly from Facebook Messenger. The sophisticated “robot lawyer” also helps tenants fight negligent landlords and the homeless apply for much needed government support.

While Sarafina’s story sounds extreme to Westerners, her experience is painfully common yet largely ignored in her country.

, a social reporting bot that enables young people in developing countries to report issues in their community via SMS and other messaging platforms.

While some aspects of the law, like bankruptcy, are complicated and unintuitive, many legal processes can be modeled as logical decision trees by computers.