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The flight was heading from Los Angeles to Detroit, and the passengers were connecting on separate flights. FBI agents said the incident is still under investigation, and the two could be charged with anything from a misdemeanor to a felony.The two were strangers before the flight, officials said. "If people will go so far as to disrespect themselves and disrespect you, something should be done," a traveler said.

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And then there’s the thorny business of actually selling real things to real people, with real addresses back in the well lit, real world.DETROIT - The dangerous quest to join what's known as the "Mile High Club" has landed two more people in hot water.A man and a woman were busted Sunday on a Delta flight from Los Angeles to Detroit.Be in no doubt that if you’re a criminal and you’ve just realised that the Dark Web might just the safest place to ply your illegal trade, then so have your mortal enemies.The criminals might have given themselves a head start, but governments around the world have got some seriously smart people on the payroll (the onion routing technology that underpins the Dark Web was actually created by the US Navy).Officials said the two were total strangers before boarding the plane.

A woman was arrested on the airplane for performing oral sex on a man while they were in their seats.

Nobody’s come clean about how the police managed to pull off Operation Onymous.

Europol are keeping tight-lipped, saying only that “This is something we want to keep for ourselves …

Yup, there are in fact many ways to get busted on the Dark Web.

Tor might be a very capable piece of technology built by very clever people but sophisticated tools are no match for operators who don’t know what they’re doing.

If the bad guys break in they’ll walk off with your Bitcoin stash, and if the good guys break in they’ll use their access to figure out who and where you are.