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Castello pipe dating

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In 1860 Ferrara was annexed to the Kingdom of Italy.The castle, now state-owned, was bought for 70,000 liras in 1874 by the Province of Ferrara that utilized the structure as headquarters of the Prefecture.

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The wells were to provide water in time of drought; the round stone balls that are seen about the place are ammunition for catapults.After the departure of the Este to Modena, the castle became the residence of the Papal Legate who administered the Ferrarese territory as civil governor (for a maximum term of four years).There were few changes made to the structure of the building, the most obvious being the increase in height of the north ravelin (the room which currently houses the cafeteria).The definitive transformation works were ordered by Ercole II after a fire in 1544, which had damaged the previous accommodation.The architect Girolamo da Carpi gave the castle the external appearance which can be still seen today, although the interior has been remodelled several times across the ages.The order was therefore given to summon the disgraced Tommaso, who was given confession and communion and then given to the crowd, who literally tore him to pieces.

This episode, which resulted later in the death of the leaders of the revolt, convinced the Marquis that the family’s palace (which is now the Palazzo Comunale) was insufficient to guarantee the security of the nobility in the event of riots.

The tower was joined by curtain walls to another three newly built for this project.

Between the Este residence and the new fortress was built an aerial passageway (perhaps in wood) to allow people to flee from one to the other.

In 2006 the whole project of restoration of the Castle was concluded with two significant events: the completion of the touristic tour designed by Gae Aulenti and the restoration and opening of the Cabinets of Alfonso d'Este.

One of the towers was damaged in the 2012 Northern Italy earthquake.

The east ravelin of the castle was enlarged and used to house the court kitchens.