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The machine grinds a mix of hardwood and softwood stumps, limbs, logs and other woody debris.

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Inc., has moved his business forward for half a century by adjusting and fine-tuning as needed. In providing a service that bridges construction and forestry, his business must meet environmental regulations for both industries.However, many jobs require maneuvering on steep ground.Boiler fuel is an important market for the companys grindings. The company sells boiler fuel to the nearby Smurfit-Stone Container Corp.Established in 1956, the company incorporated in 1977.The terrain in the Mountain State make the hills in its newer location in Virginia look relatively tame.So it was with the CBI 6800 Magnum Force, explained Phil.

It required gaining familiarity with the machines electronics systems, he noted, but it was expected.

In July 2005, Phil added a Continental Biomass Industries (CBI) model 6800 T-12 Magnum Force Series horizontal feed track grinder to his company. Working with the manufacturer worked for us, he explained, noting that he believes he gets better service by working directly with the manufacturer instead of an equipment dealer.

Phil already had CBI equipment in use when he invested in the new grinder.

When he contacted them to solicit opinions about the equipment, he got good reports. In just over a year, the CBI 6800 Magnum Force has seen plenty of service.

It goes to job sites and it is used in the yard, said Phil.

In the splitting process, the shears can be used to shake the stumps, which helps remove dirt and rocks that otherwise would go through the grinder.