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Carbon 14 dating for kids

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It is even used to make black ink for printers and painting.Graphite is often used in making batteries, brakes, and lubricants.

The BBC programme ‘Meet The Ancestors’, presented by archaeologist Julian Richards, radiocarbon-dated some skeletons in 1998.They can also apply the new methods of studying old objects to things that have been dug up for many years.For example, the famous sarcophagus (see pic) of the child Pharaoh Tutankhamen at the British Museum was discovered in November 1922 yet it is still studied by historians right up to today and new things are learned about Tutankhamen himself and Egyptian life as a result.Carbon is one of the most important elements to life on planet Earth.It forms more compounds than any other element and forms the basis to all plant and animal life.Carbon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe by mass and the second most abundant element in the human body.

Carbon is constantly cycled through the Earth's oceans, plant life, animal life, and atmosphere. Characteristics and Properties Carbon is found on Earth in the form of three different allotropes including amorphous, graphite, and diamond.

In its diamond allotrope, carbon is the hardest known substance in nature.

It also has the highest thermal conductivity of any element. Graphite, on the other hand, is one of the softest materials and is black-gray in color. Amorphous carbon is generally black and is used to describe coal and soot.

) can have their carbon date measured to work out how old they are.

The important element is called The carbon-14 level of the object is then measured by scientists.

This can work on clothing and furniture too, because they might have traces of carbon-14 on them from the trees when they were alive which makes up the furniture, or the people who were wearing the clothing.