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If you want to start up a discussion complaining about the Exile being female: please do so on another site, unless you can find a genuinely new point and can do so without insulting other editors or the Lucasfilm people responsible for setting the female lightside Exile as canon. —Silly Dan , 14 August 2006 (UTC) Although the player has the choice on what type and color the lightsaber is that Atris takes out during their conversation at the Telos Academy, if the player declines to talk about the lightsaber after Peragus, the default lightsaber is a single-bladed cyan-colored lightsaber.

If you want to start a discussion, you may want to check one of the previous archives to see if your points have been raised already.I'm not asking people to question the fact that Revan is a male because he is canonically male.I'm asking people to stop questioning the fact that the Jedi Exile is a female because it's making them sound sexist.Eowynjedi , 17 January 2007 (UTC) I think it is cannon because after you deafet Darth Traya she says you are greater than any i have ever trained, that includes reven.oh and by the way kotor2 does have a level cap it is 50-Darth Morder To me the Exile is one of the best Jedi ever.She defeated Darth Nihilus,discouarge Sion, and killed Kreia.

Sion and Nobody were easy, but defeating Kreia was amazing feat.

So long as the gamer community exists, this decision will still be heavily looked down on by it. SPS , 28 February 2008 (UTC) Due to the progress of a prominent fanfiction novel based on the Mandalorian Wars, the Exile was given the name 'Kayla Dryllen,' a Jedi Knight whose homeworld was Dantooine.

This is not about sexism, this is about the fact that the story is being ruined for thousands if not millions of gamers. This is merely a fanfiction, is not canon (only an interpretation) and the name is most likely still up-for-grabs, or as mentioned before, she has no name.

I just have one question to ask: In the Light Side ending of Kot OR II, have your companions (Besides T3-M4) really died? Any helpful comments would be appreciated, as I'm completely confused.

Exile Catherine , 7 January 2007 (UTC) Exile_Catherine Whatever languages Exile understands, she understands because of her own skills.

- Sikon , 10 January 2007 (UTC) HK-47: Query: Master, excuse me, one thing I have noticed as we travel the galaxy - you seem to possess the ability to understand a variety of alien languages.