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Alongside the standard interface there’s a small Mini CAM interface that presents information about your CPU, GPU and RAM.Swedish supercar maker Koenigsegg makes vehicles that are as brilliant as they are unnecessary so we were a little perplexed to learn that the company had won the 2016 Popular Science Grand Award.


Whether it's shooting a local band, sporting event, or church service, clients frequently want their events covered and it can be a fun way to keep growing your skills and paying for new gear.So, to make a long story shorter, this is a big deal.Beaten into second place on the Popular Science list is the Mc Laren 570S which was singled out because it is, in the publication’s opinion, the first truly usable supercar.It makes a diesel feel as responsive as a gasoline engine.AMC allows you to view your webcam (always on top, resizable), pause and draw over the video, capture an image. You can run the program from maya with: system (“start C: /amc/amc.exe”); not know how to run it from 3dsmax. This is no small matter because the camshaft has been an integral part of the internal combustion engine since, well, at least 100 years.

Christian von Koenigsegg was considered crazy for wanting to start his own supercar company, completely from scratch.

Number one, it monitors your PC’s hardware and displays information such as CPU fan speed, GPU temperature, and RAM load. When CAM detects that a hardware component isn’t functioning properly, it will display an alert.

Number 2, it presents information about your computer’s motherboard, graphics card, RAM, and other hardware components. CAM is available as a desktop application for Windows and as a mobile app for i OS and Android. Open the Settings menu and go to the Notifications submenu to see what sort of alerts CAM will display. Easily monitor your PC’s vitals and easily access useful information about your PC’s hardware with CAM, a free monitoring tool that’s available for Windows, i OS and Android.

There are already a lot of solutions out there for wirelessly dealing with the cabling situation, such as the market leader Teradek and the new player Freecast, but Sling Studio aims to be a solution at indie friendly prices, with a full setup for 3 cameras coming in around $2000.

Since the combination of a base station and a single camera comes in at only $1450, this is also a potential solution for wireless video monitoring on single camera shoots.

Elsewhere in the list there are awards for the new Mercedes E-Class (eighth place) for its cutting-edge car-to-car communication system that relays live road and weather conditions in seconds to other Mercedes cars; and for the Audi SQ7 TDi.