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After agreeing to such a thorough contract, many “Bachelor” contestants willingly shoulder the responsibility for their outlandish behavior on the show.Johnson — who says he wishes a producer had at least pointed him toward his bedroom — doesn’t blame the “Bachelor in Paradise” staff for his drunken outbursts.

The contract stated that the producer has not “requested” or “encouraged” it, so “physical, sexual, mental and emotional health and wellbeing risks” are assumed by the contestant.The show features memorable castoffs from previous “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette” seasons hanging out by the beach in Mexico, casually dating one another in search of a lasting love connection.Unlike the other shows in the franchise, however, “Paradise” has always been more about the search for a good time rather than fairy-tale romance.(“The Bachelor” has always been the highest-rated show in the franchise, attracting 8.4 million during its finale in March.)In the wake of last month’s filming suspension, however, “Paradise” may no longer feel as lighthearted to viewers who have now gotten a glimpse of how the sausage is made.The incident in Mexico has also raised larger questions about the overall “Bachelor” franchise, where the alcohol has always flowed freely and served as a lubricant for obtaining juicy sound bites and drama.And producers took it really seriously, because the next morning, Chad was sent home.

It felt like a true testament to the fact that they do have our backs.”Still, several contestants who appeared on “Paradise” told The Times that they did not feel the show had their best interest at heart during filming.“I don’t think they honestly, genuinely care about the contestants,” said Ash Lee Frazier, who appeared on the first season of the spinoff. There will be handlers or producers shadowing contestants who say, ‘I’ll have a drink with you.’ We know they’re not supposed to be drinking on the job, but it kind of puts you at ease if the person working shouldn’t be drinking at all.

The move came after Sarah Herron — the contestant Johnson insulted for her disability — gave an ultimatum to production: Either he goes or I go.“I ran to the producers and said, morally, I can’t be here and I don’t think we’re setting a good example by keeping him in the house,” Herron recalled.

“I thought it was poor form for the franchise to keep someone around that was jeopardizing our safety for ratings’ sake.

On June 4, the first day of filming on “Paradise’s” fourth season at the Playa Escondida resort, a male and female contestant got drunk and had an encounter in the pool that the male said in a televised interview involved a sexual act. released a statement announcing production had been suspended while it investigated claims of alleged misconduct.

At first, the incident seemed par for the course in “Paradise.” Contestants regularly get frisky in the open and have sex in bedrooms without doors — though the footage rarely shows anything too raunchy. The female contestant, Corinne Olympios, hired a high-profile Hollywood lawyer, Marty Singer, and issued her own statement. announced that its internal investigation did not “support any charge of misconduct” or show that the “safety of any cast member was ever in jeopardy.” Production resumed last weekend with what Warner Bros.

Also, alcohol loosened him up — he wanted to be liked by his new cast mates, and when he drank, he felt like he was instantly funnier.“Plus, when you’re filming the show, you have this adrenaline pump of being on TV, so you can drink more and are still capable of walking and talking,” Johnson, 29, explained.