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Though the series as a whole was by the fans received with somewhat mixed feelings, Braga was, predominantly in conjunction with Writer Joe Menosky, responsible for some of its best received episodes, most notably including the two-part episodes, "".

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When Harve Bennett and Nick Meyer took over the franchise for Star Trek II, they went back and looked at every episode of The Original Series and learned everything they could about what worked and what didn't.Having declared the series "terrific" and "an amazing television show", Braga acknowledged its "middle child" status, when he commented, "Personally, with Deep Space Nine, I don't think Voyager should have come on the air so quickly.I think Deep Space Nine should have been on its own for a while." Nevertheless, his decision to stick with The Next Generation did result in him being promoted to co-producer for its last season and his first television award.When these guys [Berman and writer Brannon Braga] took over, they hated the original and resented being in the shadow and avoided watching it.They'd be happy if people forgot the original, and that's unfortunate." His admitted lack of understanding of original Star Trek-lore however, backfired on his work on Enterprise, as he was held co-responsible for the dismal performance of the series in its first three seasons, due to the perceived canon violations in established continuity – which, as it turned out, even though Ron Moore resigned over it, had not been an issue of note for Voyager, due to that show's premise, and despite Altman's assessment.Involved the Klingon hijacking of a modern-day 747 (and some time travel of course).

Never wrote it, though." ; Star Trek: First Contact.

In all, he has written or co-written 109 Star Trek television episodes with two additional movie writing co-credits to boot, more than anyone else in the history of the franchise.

Actually, it was Piller who picked him out of a group of finalists of an internship program in script writing offered by the Academy of Televison Arts & Sciences at the university Braga was attending in his final year in 1990.

Brannon Braga (born 14 August 1965; age 52) was a writer, producer and creator, serving as such on the spin-off television series Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Voyager, Star Trek: Enterprise, as well as on the Star Trek films A twenty-five year old youth, Brannon Braga started working on Star Trek in 1990 as a writer/producer on The Next Generation, it being his first professional employment within the motion picture industry.

Braga was recognized for his work on the Star Trek franchise with eight award nominations, winning two of them.

"I had a saying when we were working on Star Trek: "fun to write – fun to watch." Generally speaking if you are struggling to write something and it’s not making sense, then it is going to be kind of crappy on the screen. We just knew it was going to be fun." On the introduction of the Borg Queen, which a minority of fans had gripes with as well, Braga said, "I think some people liked the Borg Queen and some didn't, but to us the Borg Queen was the thing that made it all work.