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When a source of pertussis infection was known (in 44% of infant cases), it was 36% from siblings; 21% from mothers; 10% from fathers; 15% from grandparents, uncles and aunts; and 11% from other sources.Study authors also concluded that: The inconvenient truth about pertussis vaccine is that a lot of children and adults transmitting pertussis don’t have classic symptoms and are not being lab tested and this was a major problem for study researchers trying to identify the source of pertussis infection in infants under age one.

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Let’s examine the evidence to see if it is logical to make a big deal out of kids in a preschool classroom infecting each other, plus infecting other kids in their homes with whooping cough, even though on January 15, 2016 and revealed that pertussis vaccine effectiveness among children attending the preschool was estimated to be 45%.

“The spectrum of illness for pertussis in vaccinated children can vary widely and is often mild, with few classic symptoms of pertussis.

Hesitation by providers in reporting presumptive pertussis delays public health response to prevent continued transmission of pertussis in the community,” they said.

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The federal government’s Healthy People 2020 Immunization Goals confirms that vaccine orthodoxy tenet.