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Even though urologic and sexual problems are uncomfortable to talk about, they’re a crucial part of your overall health and need to be monitored by a urologic specialist.A urologist can correctly identify and diagnose a problem, determine the level of severity and offer the best treatment options for you.

If you have a possible urological issue, even if it seems like no big deal, it’s important to visit a urologist to get it checked out.Male urinary incontinence is fairly common and can usually be managed and treated successfully. An elevated or change in Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) level: The PSA test is one of the ways doctors can detect early prostate cancer.Typically, a very low level of PSA is present in men’s bloodstream. If you’re experiencing any of the signs and symptoms discussed above, or have questions about your sexual or urologic health, please make an appointment with Westchester Health to see one of our urology specialists.It’s all in the genes Inside the nucleus of your body’s cells are 46 chromosomes, divided into 23 pairs.You inherited one chromosome from each parent to make each pair of your chromosomes.To help with urination, medications can relieve the symptoms and even shrink the prostate. Painful urination: Infections can occur along any part of the urinary tract, most often caused by bacteria.

A urologist can determine the cause of the infection and recommend targeted treatment. Frequent urination or the urge to urinate often: It’s time to see a urologist if incontinence (leaking urine) starts suddenly and/or is interfering with your lifestyle.

If the two alleles are the same, they are homozygous. For each trait, the dominant allele is expressed, while the recessive allele is unexpressed.

Recessive alleles are only expressed if there is no dominant allele present.

Even if you only experience blood in your urine from time to time, it means that you have a condition that needs immediate attention. Testicular pain, lump or masses: If you have pain in your testicles that is persistent and does not go away within two weeks, it’s time to see a urologist because it could signal testicular cancer.

Fortunately, when caught early, cancer in the testes is one of the most curable cancers. Abnormal prostate exam: Men over the age of 40 are advised to get a yearly exam by the same doctor, if possible.

In people with blue or green eyes, however, the front layer will have very little or no melanin. If you’re concerned about the color of your eyes, or are wondering what eye color you might pass on to your children, please make an appointment to come in and see one of our eye specialists at Westchester Health.