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Blind dating movie actors

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It would've been nice to learn more about Leeza's Indian background; the film implies that the marriage her parents have arranged for her is a bad one (and it probably is).

The film also stars Jane Seymour, who plays Danny's psychologist and has a penchant for disrobing during their sessions together.A hilarious comedy about Danny, an intelligent, confident young man, who happens to be blind.Determined to help Danny find a girl, his brother Larry sets up a series of hysterically disastrous blind dates with shallow girls that can't seem to get past his impairment.Once Sandro, Manana and Iva return to center-stage, the film gets back on a more even keel,with more humorous antics, for instance when Nadia’s volatile family mistakenly believe Sandro’s the one who got her pregnant.But even here, in one of the film’s funniest scenes, there’s a shadowy streak of sadness running through it, marbled right into the very fabric of the shabby, Soviet-era housing where the refugees are forced to live.His annoying but well-meaning brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas, American Pie) is intent on helping Danny lose his virginity by hooking him up with several inappropriate women. Evans (Jane Seymour), Danny's unorthodox therapist who has the odd habit of undressing as he talks about his dates.

Though the scenes are played for laughs, there's something inherently creepy about them since Dr. Blind Dating has an uneven feel because it's trying to be too many things at the same time.

Although there’s a palpable lack of chemistry between them, Sandro and Lali vow to meet again in a week, but a lot happens in the meantime.

A couple of days later, during a trip to beautifully bleak seaside town, Sandro and Iva run into one of their students, the female soccer team’s star player Anna, who’s visiting the city with her mother Manana (the luminous Ia Sukhitashvili, who was great also in Rusudan Chkonia’s ).

It would've fared better had it concentrated less on Larry's shenanigans and more on the budding romance between Danny and Leeza (Anjali Jay), the receptionist at Danny's eye doctor's office.

Because one of the central characters is blind, and another works for an optometrist, it is giving nothing away to say that part of the plot involves a surgical procedure that could potentially restore Danny's eyesight.

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