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Blackberry bes calendar not updating

This can be caused by a corrupted Black Berry Service Book.

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Select the check box beside an organizer application. In the Available desktop applications list, click the organizer application on your computer. Depend on Apps4Rent for all your business hosting needs. Please note that these scenarios are only for understanding the type of issues which this document might be able to address. Scenario 1: “I have enabled Black Berry from the control panel for my e-mail address. Nothing works, what are the specifics on the issues?

All this worked fine when BES was installed on our Exchange server.

This action will force the folder to re-sync to Outlook If this action does not resolve the issue, try the following: Delete your Service Books and Resend Service Books and remove your battery. If this still does not solve the issue try the following.

Repeat the process above and change wireless Reconciliation to "On".

I can see that my mails are getting synced; however my contacts and other items like calendar did not sync.

I want them synchronized.” Scenario 2: “Till yesterday the contacts were getting synchronized with my device. All of a sudden, due to some reason the Black Berry device or Outlook does not show new contacts which have been added to either location.” While setting up your Black Berry device with Apps4Rent’s BES synchronization; you need to follow these configuration steps for contacts on your Outlook to sync with your device.

Go back to the address book icon on the Black Berry and click on the menu, then options.