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Bisexual dating luton

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We talked about getting married and having children.We carried on dating even when we went to separate universities - he to Cambridge and I to Kent.

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I knew that, as Irish Catholics with a strong sense of family, they would be shocked and upset.Looking at my four children racing around the garden with their father, it seems almost impossible to believe that only a few years ago I never imagined having a family.Or rather, when I did stop to think of myself as becoming a mother, I imagined the only way I'd do so would be through an anonymous sperm donor.But when she made the first move, it seemed totally right.It's not that I stopped liking men, just that I felt a relationship with a woman would be a richer experience.For them, their sexuality is so innate and undeniable that the issue of 'choice' doesn't come into it. For I can honestly say that I never felt the need to 'come out' as gay or straight - I simply decided to fall in love with women.

My first sexual experience was with a lesbian woman called Gwen. Within weeks, she went from being a very good friend to someone I wanted to spend all my time with. Perhaps had she not been, nothing would have happened.

Today, with five-year-old triplets, Thady, Frank and Orla, and a seven-year-old daughter, Saoirse, a husband and a home in a leafy London suburb, I could be viewed as the archehtypal wife and mother, even if - as a stand-up comedian and actress - I don't have a conventional career.

But through my 20s and 30s, I cut a very different figure altogether: I was a lesbian. Did I simply cave in to conventionality later in life?

Or are some gay women much more flexible about who they fall in love with?

These were certainly the questions on many people's lips this week, when it was revealed that Cabinet Minister Chris Huhne's mistress, Carina Trimingham, had dropped her female partner of a number of years in favour of a man.

I fell in love at 17 with Tim, a hugely attractive pupil at the local grammar school.