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Biggest dating websites uk

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It does a nice line in industrial chic, has an element of the vintage to it and eschews ubiquitous minimalist styling for a more opulent, personal and lived-in feel.

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This site sells everything from tea-towels to sofas – via pineapple lamps.There are occasional international posts too and links through to online stores so you can buy those pieces that take your fancy.Desire to inspire With co-creators as far apart as Ottawa, Canada and Brisbane, Australia, Desire to Inspire knows no global boundaries and this is reflected in its content.With designs that cover every room in the house and a function that lets you save your favourite pictures for future reference, you can soon narrow down your personal style.If you can’t find a bath, bed or bookcase you love here, then it probably doesn’t exist.Design Sponge The beauty of the internet is that you can now indulge your curiosity about other people’s lives on a global scale.

Design Sponge, with its readers’ before and after DIY shots and broad mix of Stateside homes, is a great source of inspiration and a visit is pretty much guaranteed to evoke a moment of house and lifestyle envy.

Fine Little Day This Swedish blog has a handcrafted Scandi aesthetic.

Forget blonde wood floors and white walls, this is more nostalgic, with plenty of vintage touches and a homely feel.

Home Shopping Spy Penned by Ideal Home’s style editor, this is a good site to visit when you’re looking for shopping inspiration.

The blog features a nicely edited selection of new products, stores and decorating tips and is ideal when you’ve had enough of the personal updates to which some blogs are prone.

Loop the Loop uk Run by Laura and Adam Norgan this website stocks contemporary pieces including an interesting range of vintage one-offs, industrial lighting, mirrors, shelving and storage.