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Big ass dating

In fact, don't ever joke about another man having a small penis, even if it's the funny story your girlfriend told you about her "Alice in peter-land" adventure.

So, let me be very clear, (in case this article is being read by descendants of George Washington who famously said, "I cannot tell a lie, I was the one who chopped down the cherry tree") I'm not advocating being untruthful or lying.Sharing your dislike for a part of your body is not only toxic to your psyche but can be a turnoff to a man who hears you deprecate yourself.Never forget: beauty is in the eye of the beholder.If Shakespeare had written a play about men and women dating and becoming intimate in the year 2015, one of his soliloquys might have been, "To tell the truth... I was just being honest." However, such honesty can damage a relationship in unforeseen ways, doing irreparable damage to it in the process. But are their times when you are better off not answering a new romantic partner's questions or even, not telling the truth (the whole truth and nothing but the you God)? The indiscreet person often does so under the guise of, "Well...I usually only have sex in my long-term relationships. Never tell a man you've been unfaithful in the past.

Clearly there are women who have been unfaithful in their past, whether it was because their partner cheated on them or because their partner wasn't interested in sex or because they just wanted to have an exciting affair outside of their relationship.

Most men secretly want to believe that you've rarely had sex before them (and if you have, it was probably rather insignificant).

Their arrival into your life will commence a period where you become an insatiable vixen who finally discovers what great sex is all about.

If a man believes you've been unfaithful before, he'll trust you less and be prone to being suspicious of you in the future. Also, never mention a girlfriend's infidelity, because your boyfriend may assume that you're collaborating and discussing similar tactics, and open to cheating one day as well. Ask yourself: Is it really important for him to know about the time in your past when you were unfaithful?

His fears about your past unfaithfulness may come back to haunt you on those evenings you're out with your friends, especially if they are men. There is nothing to be gained with such a confession. All of us have insecurities about our bodies because it goes with the territory of being human.

After all, most women wouldn't tell a man they just met at a bar, the number of men they've had sex with.