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Best books for dating women

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We know that life is busy and we women don’t always have a lot of spare time to sit and relax and read a good book.However, we also believe that we need to be intentional about our marriages, and you might be surprised how small, consistent efforts can make a huge difference in your relationship. The basic idea behind the book is that husbands and wives usually speak a different “love language.” Or in other words, we feel love in different ways.

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In fact, she went on a worldwide search across six continents to find the secrets of a great marriage – and she wrote all about it in her book.It’s seriously chock-full of “light bulb moments,” and it’s surprisingly funny and entertaining too.I would say the main focus is on communication, but Dr.If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are HUGE fans of Fawn and her website, Happy Wives Club.(If you haven’t checked it out- you really need to!The chapters are nice and short too, so it’s easy to fit in even if you have busy schedules.

It will change the way you communicate, and you’ll be surprised how simple changes (like the way you word something) can make such a huge difference.

Kick off January in the best way possible, by reading this transforming book!

Whether you are newly married or have been married for 25 years–there is so much to learn in this book.

Because it’s filled with humor, it’s a very entertaining read, but also educational, inspirational, and motivational at the same time.

Even though it was written with a female audience in mind, it’s also a great book for husbands to read.

If you’re struggling with your marriage in any way–grab this book, sit back, and read (and laugh) your way out of frustration.