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Benny chan and charmaine sheh dating

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As for Benny's manager Charles, he expressed not long after they returned from the wedding in Changsha, it was already rumored the two were engaged.Charles said: "They dated for about 2 years, they share so much in common, so they decided to get married." However, Benny's job line up is until next year, so he probably won't hold a wedding banquet, just have a meal with family.

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Maybe she had feelings for him in the past, who knows?? I don't consider it a shotgun wedding at all since they dated for 2 years which is reasonable(shotgun would be Barbie Hsu who got engaged after 20 days and then married right away).When Benny being the groom was mentioned, Michelle's face turned black and said: "I didn't know about it, congrats to him.He was my first on screen partner when I entered the industry, then we collaborated in three series." At the time, Michelle may have felt she appeared bitter, so she tried to smooth things over by telling the male lead Hawick Lau standing besides her: "When you get married, must tell me." Other good friends including Tavia Yeung and Evergreen Mak congratulated Benny on Weibo as well.The low-profile Benny did things with extreme caution, he didn't register for marriage at a big hall like other people, but instead at a office building.Eventually his marriage was exposed, yesterday Benny took the initiative and uploaded a wedding photo on Weibo.A Netizen said Benny and Lisa went to Changsha to register for their marriage.

His manager Charles and parents of both sides witnessed the marriage.

She wrote: "July 7th is the Chinese White Valentine's Day, and is our memorial day.

Thanks to time for witnessing this, just like the South seas pearls matched with diamonds, forever pure, elegant and perfect." Lisa reveals she and her lover arrived in a dining hall in France to eat, she said: "Happiness reaches up to the sky!

After 41 year old Benny Chan ended the 6 year underground relationship with Charmaine Sheh, in the recent years he developed in Mainland and got to know the barely 25 year old Hunan Model Lisa (Jiang Li Sha).

Benny and Lisa dated for two years before deciding for marriage.

Love U Thank you for everything." Wonder if Benny gave her a romantic proposal?