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More hot doggin’ with Weiner“Anthony Weiner pressured to ‘seek treatment…to make himself WELL’ If that’s where we are then every single dude I know needs to join him.” — Author Bret Easton Ellis weighs in on Weiner Gate in a weekend tweet.“Not a good sign that Weiner asking for a rehab center with good Wi Fi.” — The handle @Pourmecoffee in a weekend tweet.“Weinercare” — ‘s Jim Treacher in a weekend tweet.

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, along with Biz Markie, Kelly Oxford and Salt-N-Pepa's Pepa (aka Sandra Denton).He needs it.” — CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in a weekend tweet. ” — Publicist and former This Week Producer Courtney Cohen in a Sunday tweet.We love anything Wolf-related in regards to Weiner Gate. ” is still my absolute favorite on-air question of the past two weeks.“Ugh. ” — Magazine’s Deputy Editor Scott Stossel replied, “He’s seeking tweatment.” Green’s response: “Ugh.”“Analyze THIS! “Plethora of fashion fails this moring on Fox News Sunday. Gawker has an interesting clinic suggestion for Weiner The , citing ‘two senior Democratic officials,’ reports that Weiner is ‘planning to check himself into a treatment center’ (perhaps The Pathways Clinic for Being a Dumbshit) and will request a leave of absence from the House of Representatives. His presence has been inevitable in the recent days as he continues to make more and more amazing video.His passion and enthusiasm for creative filmmaking have led him to something great.Lots of curious people have been waiting for the confirmation from the seemingly couple.

If they are really dating, they could be one of the most adorable as well as the power couple on You Tube.

Kurtz previously excused himself from covering Weiner Gate, tweeting that sometimes it pays to wait for facts.

Treacher is jokingly waiting for Kurtz’s facts.“Weiner has announced he’s going to twitter rehab and switching to a landline!

Having always had an affinity towards the social media and the will to make people laugh, he has been using his skills to create videos regularly.

The first ever video that he uploaded on Vines named ‘Saying Merry Christmas to someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas’ featured the other famous star vloggers like Logan Paula and Josh Peck which became an instant hit.

The thing that he loves to do and involve in has become his profession now.