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Benefits consolidating systems

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Another important factor of choice regards the existence of a risk to integrate the existing SAP environments.IBM Maximo offers a transparent integration, without risking these environments.

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There are a number of available tools that can help the organizations to consolidate ERP and EAM.Whereas this may have been an effective strategy in the past when there were a limited number of specialist systems able to meet these very individual demands, the limitations of the best-of-breed approach in a complex world are becoming increasingly clear.Market developments in recent years have shown up the limitations of the best-of-breed approach and emphasized the need for a different strategy.Low potential - Your organization is well-equipped for the current market environment.In the future, a further investment management IT system consolidation may be considered in case of new regulations or additional requirements impacting the market, and your business.This patchwork of systems leads to: At Sim Corp, we believe that your IT infrastructure should give you agility, efficiency and control.

With Sim Corp Dimension, you can consolidate your investment management IT systems and ensure you achieve your growth ambitions – no matter where your business moves.

High potential - Your organization shows significant potential for system consolidation.

Given the current market conditions, your organization may not be fit for the future.

Usually, these applications are neither supported by the IT organization nor auditable.

Therefore, they not only put the systems consolidation in jeopardy, but also incur in unnecessary expenses and risks.

In this article, we discuss the relationship between IBM Maximo EAM and SAP ERP.