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Bbp meet dating

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I found that if I didn't manage to get back to many within 2-3 minutes they would start abusing or harassing me.

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Managing to hit over 100 messages in the first 35 minutes.I've spoken to a Solicitor and POF are responsible for these types of occurrences. Think about how they can make a profit from a " free" service..I'm done with trying to find a life partner from dating sites. I'm gutted and disgusted and POF, you'll be receiving correspondence from my Lawyers. I was told by a woman that she was paid to chat online and by text messages with at least 2 aims. to keep you using the service so they ca,n "upgrade" you to a paying customer. Your profile, pics, credit card details( if your stupid enough to give it) Then try to delete your account. To delete your account you have to log in, but the moment you log in you re activate your account.?The free version of POF is working just fine for me.I've exchanged messages with plenty of genuine women, had coffee dates with quite a few and more than that with some.I feel that the majority of men (as in a female that joined 3 weeks ago) on the site were fake, spam, trolls or tinder/bumble rejects, that had their profiles deleted due to abuse, harassment or just didn't get a swipe.

Their are decent and real people on there, but I don't feel it is worth the level of abuse you receive when you can't keep up with the message flow.

Lots of bots and fake profiles and no women who are even responding to your astute messages. Be very careful girls x I've heard the POF love stories, in fact I know someone who is now engaged to someone they met on POF. If you're genuinely looking for a partner, I believe the "old fashioned way" is the way to go.

Read other reviews and when i hear women complain about players i say,you only hook up with model looking players and not real genuine people so well you deserve everything you get. You report sexually perverse messages from men and the site does nothing. For the ladies out there, especially the young ones, they don't deserve to be treated like a hooker or piece of meat, or be put down by tosspots who think they're king it and a bit.

I also requested a way to review the app, without giving any indication whether the review was positive or negative.

They have ignored each email and only responded saying my account had been deleted. They do advice that wait times could be long due to limited staff, but I believe they want to avoid the confrontation of the never ending complains of fake profiles.

So I am surprised that women are saying that they saw naked pictures of men up there. Also POF constructed fake identities that would disappear after I emailed them. Thank God I only signed for 2 months but you have to go into your profile before you realise they keep signing you up unless you cancel the ongoing subscription.