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Labor wants to abolish negative gearing for established houses from next year, which it claims will make housing more affordable.

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The swing away from the Coalition and the loss of several key marginal seats is bad news for the Prime Minister.Remember, before the election: "The Senate is straightforward enough, 19 crossbenchers, nine of them will be from the Greens. "Let's say the Coalition emerges in the House of Representatives, the simple equation for them [when trying to pass legislation], if they can't get Labor and the Greens ...[is] they have to get nine out of 10 of the other crossbenchers. [There] could be three Xenophons, three Hansons, two at the moment, one or two Jacqui Lambies, a Derryn Hinch and a couple of other assorted people."That is not an easy ask.average salary is $-, median salary is $- with a salary range from $- to $-.salaries are collected from government agencies and companies.If a candidate wins 56-60 per cent, the seat is classified as "fairly safe", and over 60 per cent is considered "safe".

For a seat to change hands, a swing of anything more than an absolute majority (50 per cent 1 vote) is required.

"What will happen is one or the other will emerge, probably the Coalition, and say 'we think we can govern without a vote of no confidence against us in the House' and they'll carry on and see how it works.

"But don't be surprised if it doesn't work, if the feel is bad and somewhere down the track we'll have to go back to another election." This article includes interactive context annotations which are not supported on this platform.

Negative gearing allows property investors who make a loss on running their property to reduce the tax they pay on other income.

The Coalition parties have promised not to change the current negative gearing laws, which apply to established and new houses or apartments.

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