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Banu dating

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Banu is one of those places you come to not only for a feel good factor of the plush setting and decor, but most importantly to taste some premium Persian food.

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All delicious and small enough to not make you feel guilty afterwards.Inside Banu, you can’t help sit still and be amazed by the beautiful Victorian decor.Little touches like the glistering chandeliers, velvet curtains, Persian carpets and boutique style furniture makes you feel like you are home away from home.The starters came accompanied with Taftoun – a thin and crispy Persian flatbread that had sesame seeds on top.It was the perfect accompany with the delicious mezze platter and definitely helped with scooping the last remaining bits.Next came one of my favourites starters, the kashk-e bademjan which was roasted aubergine in garlic, olive oil and parley.

Next we moved onto two types of egg dishes – one finely chopped with aubergine which was simply divine and the last in a rich tomato sauce.

For the little ones there is a children’s pool and playground. Food & Drink There is a snack bar and onsite restaurant.

Sports & Entertainment Guests can relax on the sun terrace by the outdoor swimming pool.

The Guardian claims that there are probably more Persian restaurants in London than any western city in the world.

But with so many to choose from, and with lots of restaurants claiming to serve Iranian food, how can you get a taste of the real Persia?

This contained creamy and rich hummus that was velvety to the tongue.