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Background check internet dating

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This puts the onus on your Date to make the right inquiries.

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The sex offender registry is also not a matter of public record in the majority of countries.For this reason we are only able to offer this service if the law in your Date’s country allows us to access it.In the majority of countries whereby criminal records and the sex offender registry are not public record, our investigators are able to obtain a variety of reported matter such as court records, media reports and newspaper articles.All reports are personally investigated by one of our licensed investigators, with recommendations provided on conclusion of the process.Our background check reports can be ordered directly from our website!The golden rule is simple: If you’ve met someone online romantically, haven’t met them in real life yet and they ask for money – it is ALWAYS a scam.

NEVER, EVER send money to anyone you have met online for romantic reasons.

As a private investigator, Julia Robson noticed a significant increase in the amount of new jobs resulting from people who had met online and expressed concerns about their Date’s honesty.

A more professional approach to offering online dating background checks became apparent and with this, Cupid Screen was created.

All efforts will be made to be provide the reports within the timeframes as displayed, however these are a guideline only.

This is a service for individuals with concerns regarding individuals they have met online, not employers conducting background checks.

Because of this it can be very difficult to refuse a scammers request for money and they can be very convicing.