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What will be left of the family will be from us mostly so the whole nature of whats left will be more like us and less worldly & Marxist like they are. I ended up having to marry a man 10 years older than me because the men my age are not anything I would feel complimented and content with.Luckily it was still an option for me to find a good man.

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So I cut them off once that happens as it creeps me out.And about how women desire to be passive in sex and feel emotionally secure to orgasm. So I was not very influenced by the media still don't know most celebrities even today, and just had my own innate feelings to go off so wasn't as shaped by the media.I think that women aren't naturally as 'sexually aggressive' as they are now promoted to be.I have to say that there is nothing more sexually off-putting than the thought of being with a man who believes that a woman should be sexually equal, in a "non-passive" role.It's like the man expects the woman to invest a lot of energy trying to be a man while the man plays the role of the woman.Why would a man want to be with a woman if he sees her as the same as him anyway?

The appeal is gone with no difference in the sexes.

Men can have sex without bonding but women produce bonding hormones when they have sex. I would not be able to send a child of mine to be looked after by strangers because I would miss the child too much.

That's why the nasty cold women glare at me, they don't want women like me to exist.

I also cherish my husband and love him so much; he is a gift from God.

I appreciate what is left that is good in this world even though it is fading away.

And it's that type of power/nature that attracts me to the opposite sex to begin with.