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Asp net objectdatasource not updating

asp net objectdatasource not updating-53

Resulting in which you will keep getting the existing query result only, so here is the actual code below for which I have written such a big story. Data Bind(); Yes just one line code, don't worry this internally calls the Object Data Source1.

asp net objectdatasource not updating-10

Or, let me correct myself, it reads correctly on its own, but not earlier - like in page load. Add With Value("original_Product Code", original_Incident. Add With Value("original_Date Opened", original_Incident. I don't think you need to call the Object Datas Surce1. I think, if you call both, the 'Select' method for the Object Data Source is also called twice. Databind() will be fine (it will initiate the call to the select statement). Add With Value("original_Description", original_Incident.description) con.

Close() Return i End Function Azure Shadow, Just change Old Values Parameter Format String="original_" to Old Values Parameter Format String="".

Add With Value("original_Date Closed", original_Incident.

Add With Value("original_Title", original_Incident.title) cmd.

It depends upon the input parameter from the first dropdown's selectedvalue.

The problem is - the second dropdown's datasource fails to read the value from first dropdown value.

I would like it to send 2 objects, "orignal_Incident" and "incident", which should hold all the fields that I need.