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Are paul banks and helena christensen still dating

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’” READ: Victoria Beckham's Makeup Tips A hefty, twice-daily dose of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, Lumity claims to counter the effects of ageing from the inside out. “I don’t want to talk about getting old at all,” she says, firmly, when I broach the subject.“No man ever gets asked about the fact that he is nearly 50, but with women, they even put our age in the headline, and it makes people read and interpret everything differently.

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“It gets a little tedious,” she observes with a shrug.“I don’t know how I would have explained to them what it was like unless they were there with me,” she says.“Same with my friends — I made sure that any time I could, I would bring them along. Having experienced it all together keeps you closer for life.” She spends every summer in Copenhagen, where “everyone in my family lives around the corner from each other. Her mother now runs a second-hand shop while her father indulges his hobby full-time.It’s somewhat galling to hear that she does not subscribe to a diet of green juice and self-deprivation to stay in such enviable shape. But you’ve got to buy the real stuff, not that low-calorie, non-fat shit.” She began boxing 12 years ago, in a bid to offset any potential impact of her eating habits.“I’m a total food lover — I love cheese, and fast food; I’m a sucker for a Whopper,” she freely admits. “When I was younger I did nothing, but then realised I needed an intense form of workout so I could keep up my obsession with eating,” she says.Her Instagram feed is a gallery of selfies with her music-industry friends Nick Cave, Bono and Noel Gallagher.

In her 20s she spent five years dating the late INXS frontman Michael Hutchence, and she has been in a relationship with Paul Banks of the band Interpol for nine years.

She went to Paris for a week of castings, and was soon working for the likes of Mario Testino and the late Herb Ritts, eventually relocating from Paris to New York. “Working with legendary photographers, flying to amazing locations, being prepped by a team of extremely creative individuals.

But sometimes it was almost too much.” Her parents attended every fashion show she appeared in and frequently accompanied her on jobs.

It brings me so much joy to attack my bathroom cupboards and get everything organised”.

But for all this apparent homeliness, she harbours a rock’n’roll side too.

I don’t want to be a poster model for somebody who is half-dead and still looking good.” She will, however, vouch for the fact that her energy levels have been revolutionised.