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Are attractive women intimidating to men

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A 2011 study found that women are less attracted to men who smile, but that doesn't mean that we all look for unhappy partners.While no one—male or female—wants to date a know-it-all who makes others feel inferior, the simple fact that a woman has extra smarts shouldn't make her any less attractive as a romantic prospect.

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The men first heard hypothetical scenarios about women who performed either better or worse in a math or English course than they did.And that may mean feeling comfortable enough to act out his wildest fantasies knowing he won’t be judged for asking.When it comes to settling, we’re usually not the ones.Because of this, some Black men believe that women of other races maintain a more light, airy “fun girl” approach to love in their adult years, which they ultimately find more attractive.They feel that after a while, our focus shifts from being the "fun girlfriend" to being more practical instead and solely concerned with insuring the house is clean, meals are made and children are taken care of.Often Black women have been raised to keep our poise and act like a lady at all times, especially in public and while under pressure.

However, Black men tell us they love the freedom and ability to know their woman can be flexible and go with the flow in certain more spontaneous situations.

There’s not as much pressure on him to marry until he’s ready, but often they feel Black women are focused on marriage from the start – as we should be.

Yet another example of something we’re often judged for that is actually not a negative dating quality.

A man who can appreciate that (and the rest of your traits) is the right guy for you.

After all, in any good relationship, two people both bring their own unique talents and abilities to the table, and their individual strengths make the union stronger as a whole.

If we’ve taken the time to work hard we often want someone with the same drive or better (he better be 6’1” or taller, attractive, have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, God-fearing, and have passport will travel), and so often we would rather wait for this man who meets all of our requirements based on our achievements which is not always in abundance depending on where in the country we live. If we do say hello to a man, sometimes they automatically assume we want a romantic relationship with him whereas if a woman of another ethnicity says a random hello, wants to network, or plays the damsel in distress role he often feels less threatened and more willing to share.