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Are any of the dancing with the stars couples dating

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Flavia later admitted there was concern she would be judged by the public after falling for another man on the show, telling : "Of course. At the time, the star was quick to deny that her pro partner Pasha Kovalev had anything to do with the break-up – although the following year, they started a romance which is still going strong today.

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She later described the situation as "a disaster" and admitted the excitement and unpredictability of the show had led to the downfall of her relationship with Vincent, whom she'd been dancing with since she was just 14 years old.As wonderful and kind as Frankie is, I realised I had to put myself first and take care of both of us as a result. Responding to Camilla's comments, Brendan said: "It's nothing really new to me.It was a long time ago, I'm happily married with a child, so is she, she's a married woman. It was reportedly tough for the couple to find time together while the actress was training, and the strain eventually became too much for the couple to cope. She's a gorgeous woman and he's a lovely man, and I just feel really bad that they've separated."While Louise and Jamie are yet to speak out about reports surrounding their marriage, they wouldn't be the first celebrity couple to split up after committing to was Daisy Lowe, who had been dating Bradley 'Frankie' Wade for five months before she appeared on the show. Pretty much every year, celebrities in rock solid relationships split from their partners either during the series or shortly after as the show's gruelling schedule takes it toll.: "On the show, Louise grew in confidence and you could see her wings expanding...

Daisy later admitted the show was to blame, telling : "So it was a really tall order to start a relationship at the beginning of it.

The duo were paired up during the launch show over the weekend – and it seems that they've hit it off immediately.

Saturdays singer Mollie tweeted a video of herself watching the pre-recorded launch show.

Commenting on his future pairings on : "Whoever Giovanni gets is a very lucky girl.

Nicholas, who sat proudly next to Jennifer at this year's Oscars, added that the Kentucky-born star knows how to deal with her ever-growing fame and will remain down-to-earth.

"So when you’re on set together it’s a brilliant thing, because you actually get to spend time together.