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App catalog not updating apps

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When a user launches an app wrapped with this policy, Apperian checks if there is a new version, and if there is, prompts the user to install it.

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When you are adding or editing an application, you cannot assign a specific version.If the user does not install the update, the user can continue to use the currently installed version.For more information on this policy, see Self Updating App.When you re-sign a version of an application, EASE stores a new install file for the application, but it does not create a new version.Mobile Device Manager Plus provides the facility to manage the apps Over The Air (OTA) to groups/devices.On devices where updates have not been installed within the grace period, Apperian automatically revokes access to the App Catalog and any apps wrapped with the Enterprise SSO policy.

I that could result in loss of access to the App Catalog and the app, Apperian sends a notification message.

When the user installs an app that does not meet either criterion, the App Catalog displays an When you update an i OS or Android app, you can make the update mandatory to specify that users are required to update to the new version by a particular date.

When an update is mandatory, users are prompted to install it when they log in to the App Catalog, and they cannot continue using the App Catalog until all mandatory updates are installed. GMT, Apperian checks that all mandatory updates have been installed within the grace period.

To manage Apps, you need to create a App repository and then distribute the Apps to managed groups and devices.

This document will explain you on the following: The following diagram would explain about the App Management workflow.

To update an i OS or Android hybrid app, you need to edit the application and choose the Rebuild option.