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Annoying girls on dating shows

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When he was younger, his constant need to push people to action was cute.

You're desperately in search of the attention you never got from your late father, so you're searching for it from your bro, Dex." But come We hate to call a kid annoying, but Henry is pretty insufferable.Netflix's thriller is one edge-of-your seat adrenaline rush after another — slowed down by the coke-snorting Kevin, who continues to make one idiotic, self-destructing decision after another. became pretty minimal by the last few seasons, but that didn't stop homegirl from getting on our Last. Then, it was her faux-punk gloomy attitude that started getting to us.We were all too happy when Jenny "moved to London" in season 5 and didn't return until the season 6 finale.After an intense debate amongst our entertainment team, we decided to round up some television's most hated bit players. Everyone has passionate feelings about their favorite characters and sometimes, we feel even more strongly about our .It seemed like Krakow's sole existence on this show was to try to stop his neighbor, Angela, from being cool — and from being with her one true love, Jordan Catalano.He basically freaked out any time Rory mentioned her dreams of Harvard (and eventually, Yale). Sorry, Healy, but we can't think of anyone less fit to be inmate counselor at Litchfield. We don't want to pick on a teen Christian, but we needed our own glass of red wine whenever Grace pestered her mom, Alicia, about her faith.

Last time we checked, Grace, Alicia wasn't the parent sleeping with escorts! First, it was her wide-eyed, innocent naivety that often landed both she and her brother in trouble.

Showrunners, we beg of you: Tell this child to take it easy. She made some pretty questionable decisions that risked everyone getting killed — she even trusted The Governor, for heaven's sake!

So when she met her end, we can't say we were too disappointed (though the way she went out Dean and Rory's love story started off super-cute and innocent, but then, Dean morphed into a dead weight holding Rory back from her dreams. Rory staying behind with him in Stars Hollow Yes, he has mommy issues. But he's still racist, homophobic, and overall pretty darn bad at his job.

If you forgo wine, ask for your steak well-done, or even sneeze funny, a Bean Spiller's going to demand to know if you're pregnant. The Celebrity Who Shares Your Due Date: You're never going to actually meet this person, but they're still SO ANNOYING when you come into contact with them in the form of photos in magazines. They just can't get enough of that big, stretched out tummy! Here are the rules that need to be instituted: If you would not normally hug her when she wasn't pregnant, then you should not ask to touch her belly when she's with child. How many times a day are you going to the bathroom? There is one scenario where she may actually feel quite flattered when asked if she's sure "those aren't twins in there." And that is when she's pregnant with triplets.

She's the movie star, rock star or supermodel who shares your due date. If you don't know her name, don't ask to feel her baby kick. OK, so technically you're not pregnant yet, but your due date is based on the first day of your last period, which is considered week one of your pregnancy.

That particular character created simply for the purposes of stirring the pot and rubbing viewers the wrong way.